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Job Counters

job counters

Ensuring the spots count on manually spot welded assemblies is a challenging task for quality engineers. The process being manual, it requires some automatic check on the process which can alert operator of missing spots.

TECNA welding controllers have some built-in counters. Tip dressing count, stepper count can be fed into the controller itself and these counters can be configured intelligently to take care of simple operations.

However, in complex operations, where spot welding of single job is performed with the help of multiple machines, by multiple people, a specialized solution is needed.

Our counters are easily interlocked with TECNA control units. Simultaneous interlocking of up to four guns has already been deployed and proven. More than four guns can also be interlocked with jig/fixture.

  • Counts spots performed only after placing the part in fixture
  • Counts spots only after all required clamps are closed
  • Does not allow the operator to inadvertently un-clamp the job,
if any spot of any gun is missing